Glossary Practice Template - Elementary Terminology for Finance & Business

Free online glossaries and dictionaries recommended:__

Business abbreviations from the STANDS4 Network at

The Wall Street Journal Glossary of Terms: Introduction to Business at - Business and management terms glossary
at with Over 20,000 terms at

F.John Reh - Glossary of 120+ Business Management terms at

Business Terms Glossary with 1,250 terms from the

The Times 100 Glossary, with the terms used throughout “The Times 100 Business Case Studies” at

Glossary from the New York Times with over 2,500 Financial and Business Terms from the International
Business Fuqua School of Business of Duke University at

Investment and Financial Dictionary at by WebFinance, Inc

The FreeDictionary Financial Dictionary with over 13,000 terms from J. Paul Sticht and

Glossaries of microfinance terms translated from English to Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese from
CGAP, the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor at

Bankopedia - A finance and banking glossary with simple explanations of financial, investment and banking terms - Glossary of Human Resources Terms

The World Health Organization - Key globalization and trade terms at

The Globalization Website Data Sources - Globalization Glossary by Emor University’s Professor Frank Lechner

GPI-Globalization Partners International -Glossary of Globalization Terms for computing and IT
at to

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